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promoting a reality-based lifestyle

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This is Skeptic Hosting, created to host websites promoting critical thinking, skepticism, equal marriage rights, and a reality based lifestyle choice.

Accounts at Skeptic Hosting are provided at no charge on an invitation-only basis. Each client of Skeptic Hosting presents a world view we wish to promote. Our goal is to handle the technical backside of web hosting accounts so that our clients can do what they do best - promoting rational, reality-based thinking.

Mission Statement

Skeptic Hosting exists to publish our own websites and those of clients we have selected and invited, with the intention of promoting critical analysis of social problems, equal rights for LGBTQ and all other persons, and to promote the logical end result of a critical analysis of religions, which is of course atheism.


We provide a secure hosting environment using industry standard practices for security on servers we build ourselves, designing for performance. The founder of Skeptic Hosting has 38 years professional experience in data communication and has had an online presence since 1986. We apply our knowledge and experience to provide the best possible hosting experience we can accomplish. We build and own our colocated primary server in Los Angeles and our backup server in Ontario, California rather than leasing equipment from a third party. Our nightly backups provide a high degree of data protection for our clients.


Clients of Skeptic Hosting pay no monthly or other charges. Skeptic Hosting is a hobby of its owner, and is not a business seeking customers among the general public. Only the finest websites that promote a reality-based lifestyle choice are invited.


We build and own all of our server hardware and monitor our servers directly. We have created several server monitoring sites in various locations to receive automated alerts if a problem comes up. In the event of a service failure our staff is immediately notified.

Things seem to be going fairly well most of the time. Our intention is to maintain 100% availability or the closest to that number that circumstances will permit.

Environmental Impact

All of our servers use highly power efficient CPUs in order to minimize carbon impact. At our home office we produce 60KWh to over 100KWh of electricity per day using our 15.2KW photovoltaic solar power system. See photos and the current status at Geek Hill.