Skeptic Hosting

promoting a reality-based lifestyle

About Skeptic Hosting


Skeptic Hosting is a hobby of Steve Rider.

We provide a highly reliable and reasonably secure web hosting environment for selected clients whose websites promote critical thinking and the use of reason in daily life.

Why Skepticism

We live in a world afloat with New Age woo and still shackled by ancient superstitions. Every day we are bombarded with ads for commercial products and cultural references to religion, but many claims are made and little evidence, which includes none, is presented.

We have to start thinking more and believing less on faith. We need to require evidence of a wild claim before we consider it probable or worthy of belief.

We are proud to use our web hosting experience to enable our clients to just do what they do best. All expenses for operating this server are paid in full by our founder, Steve Rider. We want to see more sites on the intarwebs offering a rational, reality based alternative to religion and other types of woo.

How We Do It

We own all of our web servers, located in diverse geographical regions. Nightly backups copy your web content to a backup server. We rely on our many, many years of experience in the computer industry, starting in 1978, for our expertise and know how. On rare occasions we escalate a technical problem to our same-sex husband tech support resource person.

Example Site

Unshorten (dot) org
Often we see a link we receive in email or a text, but in some cases these links can be malicious. Skeptic Hosting provides a means to do some checking on a link using our server, so you don't have to visit a potentially harmful link. Whether the link you receive is ordinary or it has been converted to a short URL you can use to check out the final redirect target.